Singapore U.Lab Hub
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This group has been created in 2016 by Singapore based fellow students of the edx course MIT×ulab:Transforming business, society and self.

Join a community of change makers, explore the deeper source of our societal challange. Learn how to lead from the emerging future. Lead profound system innovation and change in the places where you live and work.

The aim of this group is to:
1. Keep learning and practicing together the theory U
2. Promote the knowledge of theory U in order to create a positive movement of people driving change for the common good
3. Support social prototypes to make our society better, based on personal and collective interests.
4. Share with like minded people experiences, issues, learnings and grow together.

These are our recurrent gathering:

1. Monthly meet up: During these sessions we welcome the new members, we practice Utheory tools or study together the Mooc and we discuss/decide new activities for the community.

2. Coordinators meeting: with flexible recurrency a small group of us meet to draft a plan for future initiative or to discuss coordination topics. The outcome of these meeting are than presented and discussed in the next monthly meet up with all present members and in our group whatsapp chat

3. Initiatives: every year initiatives may change. For 2017/2018 this is the idea:
1. Cooking through the U (December 2017)
2. Learning Journey - several short learning initiatives related to U theory (2018)
3. Foundation Program - residential 4 days program (2018)

4. Prototypes: Senior Fellow students of Utheory from the Singapore Hub are launching or running social prototypes. These prototypes can be used as practical platforms to apply the U theory in practical terms and create social change. New fellow students can apply for participation to these prototypes.

5. This FB group and our whatsapp group provide tools to help Spore ulabbers to stay in touch, know the running initiatives and work together for the common good

6. The global website provides tools, initiatives and learning
Find more here about UTheory here:

As our community is growing we are going to need some support to facilitate it. We are soon going to post a list of activities/responsibilities looking for a owner. 'Spore Ulabber are welcome to propose themselves based on their interest and capabilities.